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The aim of this initiative is to develop and promote environmentally-friendly structures for the marine ecosystem and help to inspire people to preserve the oceans.

Bringing the daily mismanagement and threats to the oceans in the public, is the mission of the nonprofit organization DEEP WAVE Association. DEEP WAVE was founded in 2003 by biologists and conservationists in Hamburg and operates nationally and internationally.The goal is to raise awareness to protect the oceans. As a member of the deep-water protection coalition, DEEP WAVE is lobbying for the extension of marine protected areas beyond the 200 nautical mile zone and calls for a ban on deep sea bottom trawling.

Together with the Shark Alliance, the organization promotes the protection of sharks and calls for a ban on shark finning (trade in shark fins) and a radical reform of European fisheries policy within the framework of the Ocean 2012 campaign. To promote shark protection DEEP WAVE organizes every October the European Shark Protection Week with signature campaigns and other events. Various projects, exhibitions, lectures, brochures and a newsletter dedicated to marine topics provide a detailed knowledge platform for friends of the sea to effectively to learn about marine conservation.

Get more info: www.deepwave.org
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